Advion Interchim Scientific, deliver tailored solutions to improve our customers’ most challenging identification, quantification, and purification needs with our broad range of innovative instruments, consumables, reagents, and scientific expertise.

Advion’s range of AVANT, high performance, liquid chromatography systems can be used standalone with UV and UV/Vis detector options, or with the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) to provide seamlessly integrated LC/CMS under the full control of Advion’s simple, intuitive Mass Express software suite.

Introducing the new SOLATION® Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) – the ultimate instrument for multi-element analysis, the SOLATION® provides high sensitivity measurement of trace elements from a wide range of matrices including complex samples such as urine, serum, plasma, whole blood and tissue, water, soil, food, beverage and agricultural samples.

The expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), the standard for mass analysis in chemistry labs worldwide, is available with a teaching package offering professors the ability to provide students with industry-related knowledge and experience in mass spectrometry.

ANA Equipments are exclusive distributor for Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in Pakistan

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