Customized Vision inspecting machines according to items for inspection and production methods

Are you an engineering company manufacturing metal, plastic and rubber parts?

Are you interested in using an automated quality inspection system for your products?

If yes, we will be pleased to offer you automatic vision inspection equipment and noncontact type inspection equipment for various small parts.

These equipments inspect each and every part, check its dimensions, check for any defects, segregate the good ones from the bad ones and report the outcome, without manual involvement.

These equipments can be seamlessly fitted on your existing production line without much hassel.

Standard Inspection Equipment

> Glass Type     > Index Type    >  Conveyor Type

2. Customized inspection Machine

  • Measurment machine for Eddy Current SyStem
  • Measurement Machine with Non-contact Sensor
  • Measurement machine with Contact sensor
  • Real time Analysis Server

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