FireflySci mission is to simplify the experience of finding cuvettes and calibration standards for lab managers by providing them with the most comprehensive, easy-to-browse online shop. Combining over two decades of knowledge, FireflySci has built itself on providing lightning-speed recalibration services and calibration standards from its ISO-17025 accredited laboratory along with a large range of cuvettes produced in its ISO-9001 production facility.

FireflySci stock many items but also remain flexible and help provide growing labs with custom-machined quartz cells in low quantities at an affordable rate so that cash-strapped startups aren’t restricted by high costs right out of the gate. We also scale up to provide mass-produced OEM flow cells for several major diagnostics companies. 

  • Spectrophotometer cuvettes
  • Fluorometer cuvettes
  • Cuvette accessories
  • Tablet dissolution & flow cells
  • Sub-micro volume cuvettes
  • Dye laser cells
  • Plates & discs
  • Microfluidic chips
  • Flow channel cells
  • Gas cells
  • Custom manufacturing
  • UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer calibration standards
  • Fluorescence calibration standards
  • Evacuable dies
  • Refractometer sand much more…

ANA Equipments are exclusive distributor of FireflySci products for Pakistan…

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