Fluxana, Sample Preparation Applications

Fluxana, Sample Preparation Applications

We offer the following services:

Sample preparation for liquids and solids
Grinding of your samples
Preparation as pellets or by Fusion technology
Analysis with ED-XRF and/or WD-XRF Screening analyses of your samples
Conduction of inter-laboratory tests (not accredited)
Manufacturing of reference materials (reference samples) for XRF (not accredited)

Liquid Analysis Technologies

  • Professional Cups
  • Professional Cups, Preassembled
  • Greased Cups
  • Thin Films
  • FilmVelops

Pressing Technologies

  • Vaneox Presses
  • Pellet Dies
  • Filling Tool
  • Pelletfilm
  • Alucups
  • Binding Additives for XRF Analysis
  • Mills and Mixer
  • Accessories

Fusion Technology

  • Vitriox Electric
  • Vitriox Gas
  • Platinum Ware
  • High Purity Molten Fluxes
  • Accessories
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