Gas & Water Analyzer

Gas & Water Analyzer

Teledyne Instruments units have expertise in monitoring, process control and precision measurement instrumentation. Utilizing a variety of sophisticated sensing technologies and electronics, analytical instruments are used in diverse industries such as oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, power utilities, diving and medical, power plants, and flow and vacuum components.


  • Steam & Water Analysis system along with the analyzers (SWAS),
  • Gas Sampling Systems, Steam Tracing Systems
  • Cooling Systems (Chillers, Rectifier Cooling systems)
  • Sample coolers (shell & Tube Type & Coil – In-Coil Type)
  • High pressure sample filters,
  • Pressure Reducers (Diaphragm type, Piston Type, Rod-In-Tube Type)
  • Back pressure regulators & Automatic Blowdown Control Systems

Easy Calibration
The 311 family has a special cal range that allows accurate calibration with the most economical, reliable, abundant standardization gas there is — atmospheric air. No special span gas is required, and because the sensors offer an absolute zero, there is never a need for a zero gas.

Principle of Analysis
Oxygen in the sample diffuses into the Micro-fuel Cell and reacts chemically to produce an electrical signal that is linearly proportional to the oxygen concentration in the sample gas. This electrochemical reaction is specific to oxygen and is unaffected by the presence of oxidizable gases (carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc.). The signal produced by the Micro-fuel Cell is electronically amplified and displayed on an analog or digital meter readout.

Long Life Rechargeable Batteries
The low operating power required by these units is supplied by two internally mounted, nickel cadmium batteries. Fully charged, these batteries supply enough capacity to operate the unit for approximately 30 days. An overnight charge once a month keeps these batteries in service for many years. An integral charging circuit and detachable power cord allow convenient charging.

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