PHAsis PAUT Spotweld Inspection System

PHAsis PAUT Spotweld Inspection System

We present the new ultrasonic inspection device PHAsis®one – the first phased array spot weld inspection device offering a previously unattained physical resolution of the spot weld diameter more precise than 0.35 mm. The ultrasonic testing device was designed for the accurate inspection of resistance welded spots of steel- or aluminium sheets. It’s ideally suited for the inspection of 2- or 3-layer joints with a single sheet thickness of 0,7 – 5mm. With PHAsis®one defect areas can be determined time-saving and precise.

  • Specially developed for usage in production.
  • Imaging display (D-scan),
  • More than 700 measurment points per spot weld in a measuring grid,
  • Probe wih 20 MHz and 121 elements in an 11×11 matrix,
  • Test area 9x9mm2,
  • Short testing time of a few seconds per spot, approx. 500 – 800 spots per shift and device
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