UTEST Material Testing

UTEST Material Testing

UTEST Material Testing Machines, produces test machines for construction materials such as Soil, Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Asphalt and Rocks.  UTEST frequently cooperates with the construction companies that carry out worldwide projects, private laboratories, universities and state institutions such as mineral research and exploration, road and highways, environment and city planning or hydraulics, irrigation and hydrology departments.

Soil Test Equipment
UTEST Soil Testing Equipments are used for understanding and investigating the physical/mechanical properties, critical characteristic behaviors, performance of soil, unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures during compression, shear or inner liquid flow under dynamic and vibrating loading conditions. Soil characteristics are also used for deciding the most suitable method for excavating underground tunnels.
Aggregate Testing Equipment
Aggregates are fundamental materials that are used in all areas of construction industry such as concrete, mortars, bituminous mixtures, surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas, railway ballast, unbound and hydraulic bound mixtures in civil engineering works and road constructions, which comprise our modern world as buildings, highways, dams, railways etc.
Cement Testing Equipment
Cement is the binder used to create concrete and mortar. The manufacture of cement requires stringent control and a number of tests are performed in cement plant laboratories to ensure that the cement is of the desired quality, that conforms to the requirements of the relevant standards.
Concrete Testing Equipment
Concrete is a composite construction material made primarily from aggregate, cement, and water. There are many formulations of concrete that provide various properties. Concrete is the most widely used man-made product in the world as the main building material within architectural structures, foundations, brick/block walls, pavements, bridges/overpasses, motorways/roads, runways, parking structures, dams, pools/reservoirs, pipes, footings for gates, fences, poles and even boats.
Universal Testing Systems
The section of Universal Testing Machines consists of detecting the deformations of various materials such as concrete, cement, metal, rock, asphalt, soil, etc. You will find sufficient types of Electromechanical & Hydraulic Testing equipments that conform to various standards as well as accessories such as grips, fixtures and load cells in this part of our General Catalogue.
Asphalt Testing Equipment
Analysis and design tests of bituminous mixtures, bitumen and bituminous binders tests, asphalt and road quality tests are provided for engineering firms and construction companies to produce, inspect and evaluate the paving materials to ensure the strength, physical and mechanical performance and durability towards safe application and use.
Rock Mechanics Testing Equipment
Rock mechanics is the theoretical and applied science about the mechanical behavior of rock and rock masses as well as their reaction to the force fields of their physical environment. It also deals with the application of the principles of engineering mechanics to the design of the rock structures generated by mining, drilling, reservoir production or civil construction activity, such as tunnels, mining shafts, underground excavations, open pit mines, oil and gas wells, road cuts, waste repositories and other structures built in or made of rock. It also includes the design of reinforcement systems such as rock bolting patterns.
Special Testing Systems
In Special Testing Systems Section you can find some examples of products and custom design systems that UTEST Material Testing Equipment offers. A wide range of customized products and services to support your specific requirements in all aspects of Civil Engineering, Structural and Special Engineering designs can be produced.
Drying, Weighing & Grading Testing Equipment
Ovens, balances and test sieves are common equipment for the testing of construction materials. UTEST has a wide range of models that satisfy the requirements of related EN, ASTM, AASHTO, ISO standards for drying, weighting and grading.
General Testing Equipment
Some testing equipment is used widely in all laboratories but they are not included in main application area. Some of this general equipments are used as a part of other testing devices. Sieves, measuring instruments, glassware, plastic ware, hardware, coring machines, water baths, compressors, vacuum pumps

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