OPSIS AB is a globally present company that develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art, innovative systems for gas analysis and process control.

Systems are available for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM) and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)/process control. Thousands of  systems are running worldwide. By focusing on  customers’ requirements and on continuous research and development, OPSIS continues to lead the way and set the standard in gas monitoring.

OPSIS’ gas analysers are predominantly based on optical measurement methods, allowing contact-free measurements with no need for extraction of any gas samples. This secures a reliable and accurate measurement performance, with very low maintenance costs. Measurement methods include UV DOAS, FTIR DOAS and TDL, and the analysers can easily be combined with other types of monitoring equipment and other sensors to form a fully-featured gas monitoring system solution, perfect for the relevant application.

ANA Equipments are exclusive distributor of OPSIS Products for Pakistan… 

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